Stunning Script Monogram-New Design

Design Ideas for the Monogram Decal:

Wedding Decor

**gorgeous focal point in your wedding or reception

**placed on the front of the church door or reception hall

**placed on the wall behind the cake or bride and groom table

**placed on the floor of the church foyer or reception hall
If you would like to use the decal for dual purposes, the decal could be placed on a canvas that is painted with your wedding colors. The canvas could be placed on an easel and then hung in your home. (Canvas must be sealed prior to decal application.)

Home Decor

**elegant in foyer of your home or formal living area

**beautifully placed over the fireplace flanked with 2 candleabras or 2 topiaries

**romantic focal point over your bed or nightstand

**placed over an armoire to accentuate your high ceilings

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  1. can you show me what a J would look like?